NFT Marketplace

Curio is an interactive NFT Marketplace in which you are rewarded with $SITY token each time you interact with the platform.

👨‍💼 Seller

👉 Select the NFT you want to sell:

👉 Set your auction:

A 5% tax is levied on each sale public
  • Auction Start Time 🏁 - UTC
  • Auction End Time* 🎬 - UTC
Minimum duration of an auction:
  • 10 minutes is the minimum
Maximum duration of an auction:
  • 6 months is the maximum
  • Opening Bid Price 🏷 - Price at which auction will start
  • Buyout Price 💵 - The auction will never exceed this amount
  • Reserve Price 🔒 - If the auction does not reach this price the sale will not take place
  • 🔐 Private auction - Set the $SITY amount

🔐 Private Auction:

  • If you check this box, only people who hold $SITY tokens will be able to participate
👍 Benefits:
  • Sales fees go from 5% to 1.5%

👉 Set royalties:

  • Recipient address 📥 - By default is the contract minter but you can modify it and add the address of your choice
  • Royalty fess 💰 - Percentage amount, from 0 to max 10%
Update your royalties:
Customize fees:
We based our Royalty in the minter address of the CW721 contract .
That's also mean if someone minted your collection in your behalf it will be hard to update your Royalty fee and custom recipient address .

👉 Set charity options:

  • Charity 😇 - Enter a charity address
  • Fees 💰 - Enter the percentage you want to donate

👉 Create the auction with your NFT:

Soon you will be able to highlight your NFT thanks to $ALTE tokens

👉 Cancel your auction:

If you have no bidder on your auction:
  • You can cancel your auction for free
If there is some bidder:
  • It will cost 10% from the highest bid to cancel your auction.
Cancellation fees distribution:
  • 5% to compensate the highest bidder
  • 5% to compensate the LoTerra stakers

👉 Fees:

  • 5% on public sale to the DAO
  • 1.5% on private sale to the DAO (required $SITY)

🤵‍♂️ Buyers

👉 Select the NFT you wish to bid on:

NFTs with a "Private" tag require $SITY tokens in order to bid
Once the NFT is selected you can see the auction information
You can also see the NFT attributes

👉 Place bid:

  • You can check the current bids & the bid info (Bids must be at least 5% higher than the previous bid)
  • When you bid you must sign the transaction. Each new bid is combined with the old bids
If someone bid more than you you have 2 options:
  • You must claim your money
There is no date, you can collect your money whenever you wanteven if the auction is over
  • Or you must bid more than him

👉 Instant buy:

This option will be unavailable if it was not activated by the seller when the auction was created.
If "Instant Buy" is active, you cannot bid more than the "Instant Buy" amount.

👉 Private Auction:

This option will be unavailable if it was not activated by the seller when the auction was created.
If "Private" is active, you must pay an entry fee in $SITY tokens to be able to participate in this auction

👉 Auction won:

  • Claim your NFT

💰 Earn $SITY

Each time you interact with Curio (Place bids, win auctions, create auctions, etc..) you will be rewarded with Curio tokens $SITY.
Tokens will allow you to participate in Private Auctions and soon more

🛰️ LoTerra Stakers Rewards

$LOTA stakers are rewarded on every sale:
  • 5% on public auctions
  • 1.5% on Private auctions